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Minister: Rev. Ed Laksmanis

(M.Div. B. A. Ordained 1986)

I began my Ministry at St. John’s Ground Hog Day 1999. The date wasn’t planned,

but perhaps Ordained.

I have been here well over 20 years, and I wouldn’t trade those years for anything

else, after all it doesn’t get any better than “Living in God’s Country, Working with

God’s People, and being part of St John’s  family.

At St. John’s you are invited to be a part of all that.

Here are some thoughts that may help you get to know me/us.

I believe in long term ministry. Long term ministry is about commitment, relationships, trust, intimacy, being there in the good and the bad. And seeing God in the midst of it all – faithfulness.

I believe ministry is about having one foot in church and one foot in community.

I believe we don’t have a monopoly on God, so have a deep passion for ecumenical and interfaith ministry/partnerships.

In behind all that, a deep passion for Christ, Christ is my clearest lens to see God, to understand the world and the meaning of life. Underlying all that, a simple and inclusive theology, “ God is love, whoever lives in love, lives in God and God in them”. And the meaning of life “To be loved, and to love”.

As minister, I believe in developing deep spirituality. It is there we discover God, our true selves … and our connectedness to everything else. Others, community, this earth. A wonderful oneness. It is in that deep place we discover compassion and strength for bringing God’s Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.

My style is not to tell you what to believe or do. My style is to try to address the big questions out there, to look at possibilities, and leave the rest to you and the Spirit.

The church isn’t about me, it is about us. Journeying, Learning together… and laughing together.

If you have any questions about Myself or St. Johns, please contact me.  Rev. Ed Laksmanis

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David Warder

Read David's bio. 











Heide Arnold

Lynda Cayley

Jim Dilamarter 

Ed Laksmanis - Minister

Mary Ellen MacDonald (Chair) 

   Becky Madill 

                                                                        Kelly Moore                                                                         

                                     John Stewart                                   

David Warder

Board Chair: Mary Ellen MacDonald

Treasurer: David Warder  

Secretary:  Lynda Cayley                           

Fundraising:  Jennifer Jones and Kelly Moore                     

Property: John Stewart                            

Worship:  David Warder, Dave Leggatt

Outreach:  Heide Arnold                      

Hospitality: Heide Arnold

Christian Education: Becky Madill  

M&S Enthusiasts: Jim Dilamarter                        

M&P: Alexandra Wark and Marion Nixon

UCW: Heide Arnold 

Regional Representatives: Ed Laksmanis, John Stewart,

Cluster Representatives: Ed Laksmanis, Daryl Wark, Jim Dilamarter

WIG: Ed Laksmanis

Website:  Becky Madill

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